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November 28, 2019
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Drywalls are an integral part of our interiors whether in houses or office space. Their uses and aesthetic appeal are always taken into account. Thus, making it widely acceptable all over the world. Walls and ceilings get a new face with drywalls. These are mainly used for interior partition. People call this thick and strong construction material in many different names. Some of them include gypsum boards, plasterboards, wallboards, sheet rocks and so on.


What is a drywall or gypsum board?

 Gypsum partition wall.

Drywalls are made from gypsum (Calcium sulfate dehydrate) with additives in the form of thick sheets. The plaster is sometimes mixed with fiber or asbestos. This material widely used for room partition and also to cover ceilings. There are many varieties of gypsum boards are available in the market as new technological advancement comes on the way. Fully designed and furnished gypsum boards are extremely suitable for interior partitioning. Likewise, eco-friendly drywalls are superior in outlook and use. These recyclable and attractive boards assure longevity. Another type is water-resistant drywall. Before the introduction of drywall, plasters were used for room partition. Getting a perfect plaster installation was time-consuming and tedious.


Gypsum boards are really helpful in the construction field. The aesthetic value of a home and office space can be improved by installing drywall. Your rooms need partitions or perhaps a hall needs a separation. What would you do?


You can blindly opt for a gypsum partition wall. A perfect separation along with fire and voice resistance are the results.  In this way, you can provide a new look to your space by making your ceiling decorated with drywalls


What are the major advantages of drywall installation and office partition? Let us have a detail look here and see the lasting benefits.

gypsum work contractor in Dubai



The gypsum boards are quite durable in nature. It always resists fire and sound. Using these walls for partition also acts as a sound resistant allowing privacy. Proper drying is a must-have.

Gypsum Work Contractor in Dubai


As we have seen the technological advancement paved the way for a number of gypsum board varieties. Eco-friendly and superior quality drywalls replace the traditional gypsum boards.

Gypsum Partition Wall.

Install with less time & labour

Installing gypsum boards for commercial and residential purposes is a very easy procedure.  Installation can be done with less labour and time.

gypsum work contractor in Dubai

Easy Maintenance

Maintenance and  support for the gypsum boards are

Office Partetion

Recycling Capacity 

All gypsum boards have recycling capacity, so if installed drywall suffers from wear and tear you can replace it with a new one by recycling the same.


The usability and availability along with numerous other features make the drywall perfect for cherry-picking. Yet, you may have a concern about how to take care of drywall? What are the different aspects need extra care?


Well, drywall usually made up of gypsum are normally durable and have a greater lifespan. Of course, it is not too invincible material.  And therefore a little care ensures, everything in its right place.


First of all, every gypsum board needs perfect finishing. This means drywall must get priming before any elaborated decorations. The type of primer and the finishing touch must be in line with the guidelines of manufacturing. So, that it can have more lifespan.  Another thing to be noted is better care in terms of high exposure to moisture. The excessive presence of moisture can ruin your drywall, as there will be unwanted mold growth. Either protect your gypsum boards from the presence of water or use specially built water-resistant drywalls. However, keeping your boards in a dry environment is an essential thing. When the time for installation arrives, make sure that all drywalls are kept in a dry place such as a garage, free from moisture and other exposure.

 gypsum partition wall.

Blue Amber technical service,  is one of the best drywall providers take care of all your dreams.

We understand renovating and decorating your home is a long-cherished dream. In our hands, you can feel the security. We being the best gypsum work contractor in Dubai delivers supreme quality gypsum board installation services to our clientele. We take care of all work from zero levels to a well-finished work.  Our skilled laborers finish appointed work efficiently, giving extra care to your building. We really subscribe to the idea of “ Success will always be with you, as long as you place safety as the first priority” as our first concern always will be workplace safety. In short, getting your home or workplace in an apple pie order is easier with our services.

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