Things You Should Ask Every Professional Painting Agency

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November 11, 2019
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 Hey guys,

Are you having any plans to paint your home?

If yes, then you must have several questions in your mind, right?

What type of paint is required, labour cost, time limit, etc. These are some of the common questions that can arise in your mind. But, don’t worry as we will explain some of the questions that you should ask before opting for home painting services in Dubai.

House painting services in Dubai

Why Opt For Professional Painters?

Before we dive into the questions, let us first know why should you choose for professional painting services for your home. Unless you are professional yourself, it is always better to choose a reputed agency. If you are inexperienced in the area of wall painting and attempt for such a session, it will only do more harm than good for your house.

After all, when you decide to get your house painted, you would prefer the best services, right?. This can only be given by reputed paint agencies.

Since professional painting agencies consist of painters having years of experience, they know how to approach the situation and decides what tools, paints, etc must be used for a seamless finish. Second thing is that painting is a costly procedure, therefore, if you don’t know the procedure, then it will cost you.

In a city like Dubai, there are many agencies that offer painting services for residential and commercial homes. However, it is important to choose the right ones as there will be agencies that claim to offer professional services but will instead rip you off.

The Questions

 Home Painting Service in Dubai

Okay, this is what you have been waiting for, right?

The thing why we are conveying this information is that many people are not aware of certain details when it comes to choosing the right painting service. However, by the end of this blog, you will know how what to ask and make a decision based on that. So, let’s begin.

Ask for their experience

This is one of the first things to be asked when you approach a painting company. Work experience is an important factor that determines the companies success and credibility.  As there are many companies that offer painting services in Dubai, it always sticks to those that have been for quite a while.

This does not mean that newer companies cannot be trusted. Companies that have a long history will tend to have experience in dealing with different types of projects. You can even ask for testimonials or view their works on their website. Luckily there are such companies in Dubai and among them, the most trusted agency is Blue Amber.

Confirm the materials they use

Although experienced professional companies only use recommended materials so as to make the painting process smoother and easier, it is always better to confirm the materials used for painting. This includes paint, brushes, rollers, etc. When it comes to painting, always make sure that only Low & No VOC paints are used. Also, ensure that high-quality paints are used because they tend to last longer than fewer quality paints.

Professional cleaning agencies like Blue Amber offers the best quality painting services for your homes so that you don’t have to worry about anything. So, if you are having any doubts related to the usage of paints, then come and clarify with us.

Ask if they have worked with similar projects

Another parameter to ask them is whether they have worked on any previous projects like yours. This is a good way to know if they are professionals as they claim to be. You can check their website if they have posted details, pictures on their previous works.

A professional painting agency is more likely to include details about their previous works. This shows that they are capable of doing their works effectively and reputable. Luckily, if they have worked on homes similar to yours, then you can definitely trust them.

Choosing The Right Services

Although there are many other factors such as cost, location, reviews, etc which can be asked, we have included some of the important factors that you should know first. As mentioned that there are many companies that provide office painting services in Dubai, among them Blue Amber stands out due to its disciplined workflow and services offered to customers.

What Makes Blue Amber Preferred?

When it comes to professional painting service, we are the best there is at what we do.  When we start a job, our priority is to complete the work within the time limit in a smooth way. We are well-aware of our reputation which means that we don’t compromise on quality. For ensuring that we only use the best quality paints, tools and equipment.

Our goal is to make the customers happy and satisfied with the end results. If you are having difficulties in choosing the right colours, we provide guidance in colour selections so that you can choose your favourite colour easily. Apart from painting services, our other services include deep cleaning, sofa and mattress cleaning & gypsum partition.

We hope that the information provided above will be of use to you. So, what’s your decision?. If you still need a complete painting for your home, then come to our office for a discussion. You can even or drop us a call so that we will call you back.

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