How To Avoid Paint Crack In Your Home?

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Home painting Services

Painting your home is the cheapest and lasting method for beautifying home. Paint can change the entire look of a home.  Your home looks fresh and energizing with new vibrant colours. All your rooms and foyer look splendid. You want to jump-start your January with newly painted walls for your fresh feel home. Painting a home is a great and time-consuming job that can be executed by the best painting services in Dubai.


The vibrancy of your personality is reflected when you behave. Likewise, your home’s updated style is reflected with perfect home painting services.  This novel and fresh look is the result of correct selection of colours. Each nook and corner of your home is intended for specific purposes. So, the colour selection also needs a careful pick. Your living room needs vibrant and cosy colours while a bedroom needs pastel hues for quite look. 

Home Painting Services.

After careful colour analysis and paint selection, you are going to make your home a better one. So, it is important to know how to make your painting efforts long-lasting. It is a common phenomenon to discover paint crack after painting walls. This cracks may indicate severe structural problems or prove to be a mere cosmetic issue. Whatever the situation, you must have knowledge about how to avoid all these paint cracks, so that you can own perfect home.

Let us first see what is a paint cracking or paint flaking?


When you see the painting film is stripped off from the surface, this is called paint flaking or cracking. This may first appear as a thin crack called a hairline crack. 

Let us dig in detail what are the triggering factors of paint cracking?


Lack of quality painting

Quality painting plays a pivotal role. Quality paint and proper application ensure more beautiful painting results without flaking. The quality paint will have higher adhesion and flexibility. 

painters in Dubai.


Lack of professional finishing

The professional painting service can make a great difference. Proper finishing avoids all cracks and peels. 


Expansion and contraction of paint 

Shrinkage and expansion of paint also cause flaking and cracking. Poor painting adhesion is another problem. 


Lack of proper surface cleaning

Improper pre-cleaning, as well as the poor surface, can cause the paint crack. So, always use a proper primer solution for better adhesion.


Excessive use of putty 

Beautifying and smoothing walls with putty is another factor. Likewise, the overly thin layer of paint can harm your walls.


Improper drying and final coat application

Each paint coat must get sufficient time for drying, then only the next coat can adhere to the fullest. Overly thin layers worsen the situations as it can add cracking. 

These are some of the common but major causes behind paint cracking. 

Avoiding paint cracking means giving proper attention to all details before painting. All these things can be effectively managed by professional painters in DubaiApart from cracking, paint can also experience bubbles, flaking and peel. These are often come across as part of these above reasons. 

Home Painting Services.

Do all these things for a lasting and beautiful painting experience. Get all your interior and exterior without cracks hiring a prominent wall painting company. 

  • Reduce the excessive use of putty

Lessen the excessive use of putty and reduce the chances of cracking. Over smoothing can adversely affect your walls. 

  • Let the coat dry properly 

Give proper drying time after each coat. The complete drying keeps cracking and peeling at bay. 

  • Apply paint with substantial thickness

Overspreading or excessive thinning can adversely affect walls as the right level of consistency provides a longer life span.   

  • Clean the surface 

A well-cleaned painting surface helps in adhesion and it, in turn, gives great painting service.

  • Select supreme quality painting service

Selecting a supreme quality painting service delivers crack free walls without any hairlines.


Blue Amber, one of the best painting service provider in UAE delivers matchless painting services for all your needs. Painting is an art that is what we believe. As a little dollop of paint can add charm to your home.

A professional service that can help you in these following ways:

home painting services.

  1. It saves your time and resources
  2. Automated tools 
  3. A faster and reliable painting 


 Our professional expertise makes your home in a way that reflects your personality.  Besides, our top priority is going to deliver prime quality service to our esteemed customers. Likewise, workplace safety is also another important factor. Make your home as your dream by lending hands with professional expertise from us. 


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