Mattress Cleaning Service

Mattress Cleaning service

We provide professional mattress cleaning services at affordable prices in Dubai. From using the latest in technology and employing expertly trained cleaners, we leave no stone unturned to ensure your experience with us is a fulfilling and unforgettable experience. Our mattress cleaning service is trusted by plenty of households in Dubai Marina and surrounding areas in Dubai to remove dust, odor and every stain on your mattress and ensure it is free of dust mites and allergens.

We spend a third of our day sleeping on mattresses every day. From sweat to dead skin cells and hair to dust, and from bed bugs to mites, mattresses will collect all of them. In such a case, simply cleaning your sheets will not be helpful as your mattress absorbs dust and dirt. If you don’t have your mattress cleaned regularly, it eventually will become a hotbed of germs and mites leading to your kids and family developing problems like asthma and other allergies.
Blue Amber takes the task off your hands and provides professional mattress cleaning service Dubai at an affordable rate based on your requirements.

How we clean mattresses?

We follow a 9 steps process to clean your mattress thoroughly.

  • Step 1: Dry Vacuuming. Before getting into the deep-cleaning, surface debris or particles from the surface of the mattress must be removed first..

  • Step 2: Shampooing. Spraying shampoo with the machine into the entire mattress.

  • Step 3: Manual Scrubbing. Using soft-bristled brush, surfaces are brushed gently not to damage the fabric to break up the spots and release dirt.

  • Step 4: Removing Stain. If specific stain is still present, stain remover is applied.

  • Step 5: Wet Vacuuming. Removing the shampoo in the entire fabric through vacuum

  • Step 6: Spraying/Vacuuming water with the machine. Repeating the process as necessary till shampoo is cleansed and water is completely absorbed.

  • Step 7: Applying Steam. Using a steam machine, steam is applied to sanitize, deodorize, renew and refresh the mattress surfaces

  • Step 8: Disinfecting. Using ULV fogging machine with high quality eco-friendly disinfectant, entire mattress surfaces are disinfected to reduce or eliminate the amount of microorganisms present.

  • Step 9: Drying. 75% of the mattress gets dry at the same time of cleaning. Let the mattress air-dry. Just leave the mattress alone until it air-dries completely.

mattress-cleaning before after
mattress cleaning service
Our mattress deep cleaning service is performed in the shortest time possible so you can go back to using them at the earliest. We take special care to ensure your mattress’ memory foam is not damaged too by meticulously carrying out the mattress cleaning service by trained cleaners. We use only the highest grade equipment and latest technology to keep your mattress cleaning last for up to 6 months.

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If you are looking for a mattress cleaning service in Dubai or Dubai Marina, we are the most reputed and best mattress cleaning company in Dubai.

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Steve Martin

Great Team, Outstanding Value

I needed to paint my apartment in a short deadline before handing it over to a tenant. Blue Amber were first out of the blocks in answering my request and kept in touch to make sure I got what I wanted. They offered one of the best prices, but I am glad I choose them as there was never a moment where I felt they might let me down. They did a great job from start to finish.

Steve Martin


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Excellent crew, excellent experience

Great service provided and whole villa painted in 2-3 days. Painters were very helpful and did thorough check of paint work before they left.

Kerryanne Cartwright

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Lana Pebley

Wonderful service

We had a three bedroom villa painted in four different colors and the team arrived nice and early to get started. They were done in one day and the service was amazing. We are so happy we found them as friends of ours had mixed experience with other painting companies. Would definitely recommend them to anyone. great job guys!

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Very professional staff

Exceptional service, very clean job, very professional staff, I recommend them blindly to anyone and will use their services again 100%

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Excellent job

Team arrived exactly on time and finished, as promised, within 1 day; supervisor on site throughout the day. Extremely tidy, professional work. I have already recommended to friends who are now happy clients of Blue Amber Painters!

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Excellent, friendly, professional crew

The crew was at my place on time. Very friendly bunch of men. Did their work precisely. Even when I still wanted to have a few things adjusted they did so immediately as requested. I am definitely hiring them for a second job

Amitis Etemadi



Good price and good quality

Very happy with the service. Good price and good quality. workmen arrived on time and finished within the agreed time period. No issues with directions, I sent a Google pin on WhatsApp to them and they found me without any hassle. Would recommend these guys!



Kameo pio

Professionalism and punctuality

Handled my apartment painting needs with professionalism and punctuality. Jejo and his team went far and beyond to get extra paint and complete the works especially on short notice. Definitely, 5 star recommendations. Shukran

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