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January 16, 2020
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Though cleaning is a tiresome process, some of you might attempt doing it on your own. But all of us do the cleaning unaware of or leaving certain things behind. One such is the sofa and mattress cleaning. Most of us might not bother to clean the sofas or the mattresses. And hence, Blue Amber is at your service to enable an easier and quick tidying of your house in toto.

Sofas adorn every living area. There would not be any house or office without a sofa. Therefore, sofas must always look speckless and must be well-kept.

Blue Amber, Professional Sofa Cleaning Dubai, offers complete cleaning, painting, tile fixing, etc at a stipulated time and cost.

The top sofa cleaning process for a fresh couch

Sofa cleaning is no child’s play. Like how each human skin is unique and requires different cosmetic products, similar is the case with sofas and their materials. Sofa types are so diverse like you have modular sofas, divan, recliner sofas, sleeper sofas, etc. and goes on the long list. Each type will definitely have variant fabric and material for which special care and treatment can be provided by the professional sofa cleaning Dubai.

professional sofa cleaning Dubai

Shampooing and steaming

Now you might ask, how can sofas and cushions be cleaned? Can they be washed? Will the newness of the material be lost with washing? Here, our method of cleaning is a response to all your questions. 

Blue Amber put to use various techniques depending on the sofa and its material. Our services are highly technical. Sofa shampooing in Dubai provides the finest and safe shampoos for your sofas. Be it jute or leather, depending on the fabric of your cushion we apply the right shampoo in the right amount needed for your sofa.

Shampooing alone would not suffice to revive your sofas and cushions. You also need to steam them in order to sanitize the surfaces and remove all the allergens and embedded dirt. Steaming in a way is the same process done by using vacuum cleaners but in a more professional and sophisticated way. Blue Amber supplies the first-rate sofa steam cleaning in Dubai. The fabrics used on your couches are so delicate that it needs to be treated well. 

Therefore in the steaming process, high-temperature steam is utilized to remove all the unseen insects and dirt deep-seated within the edges and corners. the stains are pre-heated using the appropriate chemicals and also the fabric is pre-conditioned. Steaming also removes the excessive moisture and maintains the exact warmth required for each fabric. Steam cleaning is also economical when compared to other methods. 

professional sofa cleaning Dubai

The importance of shampooing and steaming

Shampooing and steaming do not limit to sofa cleaning alone. These techniques are employed in deep clean mattresses and also in carpet cleaning. Moreover, carpets and mattresses demand a thorough shampooing and steaming process to free them from all dirt and allergens. By giving a professional touch to your household and upholstery we ultimately strive to provide you with a healthy environment to live in free from allergies and other diseases caused due to hidden dust and dirt.

Merits of a professional cleaning

Self-cleaning has its own disadvantages. It is time-consuming and also you might run out of patience during the whole cleaning process. A professional knows the exact requirement for each upholstery. The professional advantages that Blue Amber can guarantee are 

  • Highly systematic and structured
  • With the most modern equipment
  • Customized and efficient service
  • A complete cleanup
  • Prolongs longevity of the upholstery
  • Safe and organic chemicals recommended by the government.

It is absolutely sure that the above-mentioned advantages cannot be achieved by self-cleaning. Our attempt to do so might even end up in damaging the upholstery. Hence, it is always wise to approach someone well equipped and efficient.

sofa and mattress cleaning

Wrapping up

You might be surprised to learn that a mere sofa or carpet requires so much care and attention, which might also appear laborious to any common man. And for this reason, Blue Amber home deep cleaning services avail themselves round the clock to meet the requirements of each client. While cleaning sofas, mattresses, and carpets our skilled workers make use of chemicals approved by the government. Blue Amber deploys personalized services and further engages with the customers valuing their feedback and also updates ourselves with the latest innovations in the field of cleaning.

So when you can have a professional team at your fingertip why sit all day on a tarnished sofa. Stay clean and healthy with the most professional deep cleaners in Dubai.

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