Why Should You Choose A Gypsum Board

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Gypsum board, we all have heard about it at least once.

What comes to your mind first on hearing it? Something used for building walls, right?

Well, it is. We are here to explain what a gypsum board is and how it helps in the construction of beautiful interior walls.

What is a Gypsum board?

Also known as Drywall is a type of panel made of gypsum (calcium sulfate dihydrate). The panel consists of a non-combustible core made from gypsum and a paper surfacing on the face, back and long edges.

It is often called drywall, wallboard or plasterboard and it differs from other types of panel products such as plywood, fiberboard, & hardboard because of its noncombustible core and paper facers. These panels are normally fitted on wall studs by using appropriate screws and fasteners.

To give a seamless, continuous and smooth surface for the walls, a joint compound system is used. It covers the fasteners and the places where the joints are made. The installation of gypsum boards is becoming adopted in the construction of walls in both residential and commercial buildings.

In fact, there are many gypsum partition work company in Dubai that provides installation of gypsum boards.

gypsum partition work company in Dubai

Different types

Gypsum boards are usually available in different types. This includes ceilings, walls, elevator shaft enclosures, etc. These panels are usually available in different sizes such as ¼”, ⅜”, ½”, ⅝”, ¾” & 1”. Each size is ideal for each type of wall.

A 1” gypsum board is the best option for partition walls, shaft walls, stairwells, etc. Gypsum boards are primarily preferred over other conventional panel types because of the advantages it provides. One of the biggest advantages is that they are fire-resistant.

Gypsum is a mineral that has a 50% volume of water which is in crystalline form. When the board gets heated, the water converts into steam which in turn protects the board prolong the resistance of the board to fire. Based on the fire resistance property, gypsum boards can be divided into:

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In this type of gypsum board, the core of the board is mixed with special glass fibers which further reinforces the core. This, in turn, helps in reduced crack size formation and extends the board’s resistance time to fire. 


Type C gypsum panels provide increased fire resistance than the Type-X. Although the type-C consists of more glass fibers than the Type-X panels. It also contains vermiculite, which is a shrinkage-compensating additive that expands when exposed to elevated temperatures such as a fire.

Due to this property, the type-C core remains stable in the event of a fire. Even if the water is all driven off, the structure still remains intact.

What are the other advantages?

Although fire resistance is its biggest advantage, there are even more features that make gypsum walls much demanded item in the field of construction.

Let’s see what they are:

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Easier Installation

When compared with other solutions, gypsum boards are easy to set up and install. They need only a few tools like fasteners for installing. Also, these panels are lightweight which results in less labour for handling the panels.

Sound Isolation

Another advantage of choosing a gypsum board is that it effectively helps in dampening sounds. This is something that you should consider when planning to install these boards. If you prefer less noise in your home or office space, then gypsum boards definitely suit you.


This is one of the biggest advantages other than fire resistance. Gypsum boards are cost-effective to implement because gypsum material is a naturally occurring mineral. The manufacturing process for the gypsum board is not that complex. Even the needed raw materials are available. Thus, the total cost will be much less than the other types.

Choosing professional agencies

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Even though the gypsum board has its advantages, only by choosing the services of professional cleaning agencies you get the complete result. With the presence of many such agencies in Dubai, it is a tough choice to make but you have to choose one.

Blue Amber has been providing gypsum partition and installation services for quite some time. Having enough experience over the years, we know how to install the right gypsum boards for your ceiling and walls. Our other services include deep cleaning services, sofa cleaning, mattress cleaning and more.

If you want to implement a gypsum board in your home or commercial space, without hesitation choose the services of Blue Amber and relax while we handle everything. You can check our website for more details and updates on our services.

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